Hunt Training

All training is done without the use of force fetch and force hold. No electric collars are used in the training process. All training is done with praise only.

Started dog

All training starts out with obedience and that is carried out thru the whole training process. Waterfowl & upland dogs are trained to come on command to the left or right depending on the shooter and stay until next command. Waterfowl dogs are trained from this position they go on command on multiple retrieves on land and water. Waterfowl dogs are taught to stay at the side of the hunter while shooting and must stay until sent on command to retrieve. All dogs are taught to come and sit on a whistle. Waterfowl and upland dogs will be started on remote sits on the whistle they will also be started on the hand signals left right & back. Upland training is done in a variety of covers on live birds in the fall. The training is a 3 month program or longer if the owner wants training to go further. All dogs are brought in at about 9 to 10 months of age. I also do one on one training with owner and dogs by the session if owner lives in area. All owners are encouraged to come and work with their dogs during the training process. All owners have to take a couple days at the end of training to be trained on how to use their dog.

Finished dogs

Dogs are brought back after a season of hunting and the remote sitting and hand signals are fine tuned into doing blind retrieves. All other training is refined and any problems during the hunting season fixed. This is a 1 to 2 month program depending on what needs to be done.

Early season tune ups are also provided.