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Rocky – Joseph Miller

I traveled all the way from Pennsylvania to Ohio to leave my dog, Rocky a Labrador Retriever, with Dave.  He was around 7-8 months old at the time.  I was a little apprehensive about leaving him, but after Dave met Rocky, they were friends at first site.  I think Dave even took Rocky into his house with him.

Rocky stayed with Dave for just 2 months.  When I went back, I was really surprised.  Rocky was only 10 months old and already doing bubble retrieves and everything.  We took him out in the field hunting pheasant and he was unbelievable.  Rocky flushed the birds, went out, picked ‘em up and brought ‘em back to us.  He was even doing double retrieves.  Dave had me out there teaching me the commands and everything and I just couldn’t believe how well that dog listened.  He did an excellent, excellent job at training that dog.  I’m very, very satisfied with what he did.  It’s a pleasure being out there hunting with Rocky, not only pheasants, but ducks, quail, chuckers & doves.  He’ll retrieve anything I shoot.